Helping Men Align their actions with their purpose 

The Hero's Quest

‚ÄčMen's Mastery Programs

"All our Dreams can come true -         
If we have the Courage to pursue them."  
-Walt Disney

We work with Intelligent, Successful Men who have reached a crossroads in their lives, and feel driven to make significant changes quickly.  The Men drawn to our programs tend to be  Leaders, Entrepreneur's, Educators, Executives, or a company's Rising Stars who are setting the stage for those around them.    

Often there is a catalytic event or series of events, that cause a man to admit to himself that instead of facing the challenges of life head on, he may be self-medicating, drinking more frequently than he would like, or relying on other addictive patterns to fulfill a life that seems to have lost its meaning.  

Sometimes the need for change is fueled by an impending divorce, kids going off to college, infidelity, or "mid-life crisis".  Maybe he realizes that he is just feels numb.  Perhaps a change in sexual patterns, loss of desire, or the announcement from a spouse or partner that she needs to "take a break" from the relationship, causes him to hit the wall.  

Maybe he begins re-evaluating his life purpose, and is driven to live a more meaningful life.  Perhaps he begins contemplating the finality of life on earth and is looking to be of greater service. 

While the catalyst compelling the desire for change may be different for each man, the common thread is that the men drawn to our programs have decided they are ready to take the action necessary to become the man they long to be in all aspects of their lives.  

If you are reading this, chances are there is a situation in your life that is triggering the need for BIG CHANGE.  You have recognized that somewhere you have veered off track, or are not where you would like to be in some aspect of your life.  You feel compelled to make significant changes, yet are not quite sure exactly how or where to start.  

Our Men's Mastery Programs have been designed to help powerful men like you clarify their BIG VISION, and begin creating and living purposefully in ALL areas of their lives, home, career, and leisure.  Our programs are success-driven and tailored to fit your needs and life style: 

The accelerated Relationship Mastery Program has been designed to help men quickly create new paradigms around relationships and either reclaim what they have lost, or gain the clarity to let it go.  We help men clarify their relationship vision, and prepare themselves to be the type of person who creates and attracts the type of deep loving and supportive partnership they truly desire.  The suggested program time frames are 90 days, 120 days or 6 months.  

Our Mastering Leadership and Power Program is geared more towards business leadership and focuses on balancing power, purpose and presence in the business world.  We help men identify their strengths as a leader and work towards eliminating whatever is in the way of their serving as a true role model, and honing their leadership skills within and outside the workplace. 

Please contact Dr. Jeanne Michele directly to set up an introductory interview to discuss your specific situation, needs and desires.