Words from our clients

The Hero's Quest

Helping Men Align their actions with their purpose 

"What's next?"  I 've made it in business. The kids are grown. Have I been too focused on materialism? How do I define success? How do I define life? Which vices will will I step into I know rationally don't make sense, yet provide temporary escapism from the day to day entrapment of boredom?

Will I be proactive and reach out or will my ego reinforce my thinking, "I don't need any help. It's just a phase I'm going through, a mid age crisis, no big deal." Reactivness sucks, Who got hurt? Which children don't understand? What will the ramifications of my choices really be? Do I even have a value system? Is there any standard I can commtt to hold myself accountable to?

After being in the Reactive stage and losing what's most meaningful, Dr. Michele gently led me to a place of self discovery, and helped me discover a value system that I can hold myself accountable to. We found a place of comfort that focuses on  being honest with myself first, which caused me to realize that anything short of honesty with those around me is senseless.

How nice it would have been to be proactive, to arrive in this same place with the aid of someone who truly gets it. Dr Jeanne Michele is a blessing, someone who not only aids in the management of discomfort without judgement but also gently prods so that one can find the answers from within. Anyone near what I am speaking of shouldn't hesitate to give the good doc a call. 

J.R. CEO/Business Owner